Financial and pre-litigation enquiries

Have you ever contemplated issuing proceedings to recover a debt? Before instructing a Solicitor, or expending costly court issue fees, it is prudent to ascertain whether or not the proposed Defendant is worth pursuing.

Many judges have awarded in favour of the Plaintiff, after lengthy and expensive litigation, only to discover that the Defendant is a “man of straw” and has no assets or means of discharging the debt. This is a particularly distressing experience especially when one has no realistic chance of recovering the debt, let alone the costs of pursuing it.

Prior to litigation we can undertake enquiries with regard to the Debtor’s financial standing, assets and lifestyle. Once our enquires have concluded we will compile a report detailing our findings which will assist you in your decision as to whether or not to issue proceedings.

Utilising our services can save you a considerable amount of money as well as the upheaval and disappointment of a hollow victory.
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